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Hill AFB FamCamp Featured
Utah 92286
Sept. 11-25, 2016
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You can't beat the price of any famcamp and the location is usually pretty good - Hill offers all that. The campground, however, is overgrown with goatheads (thorn-like weeds) and an interesting configuration of slots. The newer area is on paved ground, but the sites are sister sites, which means you may be seeing your neighbor more than you would like (but you don't have to look at their hoses). The older section is on gravel and made up of back-in and forward facing in every different direction. Amenities are great: there is a full size track right next to the campground, a park, a splash park and soccer field also adjacent on opposite side of campground. Laundry and dryer is $1.50 per load. A beautiful gym facility is across the street, it has free classes and an indoor pool. The commissary and exchange are standard; there is a Firestone Car Service at the gas station, so if you need to get your car serviced while at the camp, it's an easy walk back to wait. Also, and this is pretty big (I think), the library allows you to check out materials with your ID card! There is a mall close by, Super Target, Costco, and tons of places to eat and drink. Cleanliness of the camp is OK. The laundry area was clean and has an ice machine, but the bathroom was so-so. The goatheads were really terrible - there are so many that we had to have 4 bike tires replaced. You want to use the SOUTH GATE ENTRANCE off Exit 334. This will put you right at the famcamp. The west gate is too small! Finally, if your RV needs service while in the area, go to Charlie's Service in Sunset. It's only 10 mins away and they do amazing work. (We drove through the west gate, hit our awning, dented the body and were there an additional week getting work done at Charlie's!). 
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