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Utah 112897
July 2014
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Location is good. New bath house and office at the Fam Camp. We call it new because was not there last time we stopped in years ago. ****** is still there and still being RUDE to campers. He should have been fired years ago. Got me how this guy gets away with treating people the way he does. The Fam Camp is in a good location for a cross country trip in RV. Clean Fam Camp. Improved some what over the years.
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January 30, 2015
The reason I have been camping down the street for the past 2 years and HAPPY to be gone!) I come back on every once in a while to shake my head at the people who give the man 5 stars for cleanliness and/or hospitality. (is it pity?) Just because he needs to be in diapers does not mean he deserves 5 stars. He deserves a fake gold watch and walking papers. I think they keep him around just because his motorhome, trailer, and 3 vehicles are so full of trash that it would take 3 months to get the mess cleaned up. Needing a hearing aid does not make you as old as the refusal to use one does. Pleae remember to file complaints to ICE for the campground does not take these reviews seriously at all, but they do the ICE ones.
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