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Utah 117765
September 2013
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First off, TENTER's BEWARE!!!!!! Hill AFB only has a few tent sites and they look as though they were added as an after-thought. They are right in the median between two rows of RV'ers, under a bunch of pine trees with multiple veins of roots sticking up for your torturous sleeping displeasure. Then, there is the highway 50 yards away, plus the Rec hall and the rest of the RV crowd to keep you awake at night. Granted, it's a convenient rest stop for RV'ers, the Bx/Commissary, and Mini-Mart are very close, and the scenery is beautiful, but that's about where the accolades end. I think there are far too many people who just arbitrarily give this campground 5 stars because of its proximity to civilization, instead of taking into account what CAMPING is all about. We drove through, walked around, scouted it all out, and promptly left. In my estimation, this was a poor site selection for a CAMP-GROUND (right next to a busy highway? Come on!)!!! I did give 3 stars for the location because of the scenery, but it is a lousy location for a CAMPGROUND! And, the amenities offered were close by and the facilities looked well cared for, but if it weren't for those factors, I give this place negative numbers, if I could!
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