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Wednesday, July 14, 2021
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The facility itself is a great location and very nice. The thing I found disheartening was the current camp ground host who apparently just took over. He is not a nice man and has no compassion and was arrogant when I spoke with him. We aren’t use to this when dealing with the military and in my opinion, there should be no place for people like this who serve our men and women in the armed forces. We had booked 2 nights at Hill Family Camp. The night before we were scheduled to arrive, our engine died in 117 degree weather and we were stranded in the middle of the dessert for 7 hours. After 3 hours of waiting for Good Sam to find us someone who would come out that far, both our AC went out so we had to sit in our tow car for 4 more hours. Our smallest dog almost died in the heat. It was terrifying! The next day we were fortunate enough to stay in billeting on Barstow Marine Corp Base. They were AMAZING. The lady at the front desk even waited beyond her work day to check us in. She even went into the unit and turned on the AC so it would be cool for us. We called Hill Family Camp at 8am our time to let them know what happened. They not only still charged us claiming they weren’t able to resell the spot (people there told us it was FULL that night) but when we arrived the next day they charged us again for DRY CAMPING since the campground was supposedly full again. Site 22 was empty even when we went to bed. Since we had paid for a spot that we never used and we had proof of the nightmare in the dessert you would THINK a little compassion could have been extended. Also, we literally just camped there with no electricity water or sewer. I hope they replace this man with someone who is actually just nice. Our military members deserve nice.
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July 20, 2021
I'm so sorry you had to go through that! I hope you are all good now and back on the road enjoying life. :)
We have also experienced great hosts at every military park we have gone to... except this one. I would agree with this review on the current camp host, he is super rude. Be aware their cancellation policy is not as stated above, they will charge you $10 no matter what... even with 5 weeks' notice. He's rather rude about it too as the policy is stated nowhere and their website matches what is posted here. He claims they don't manage their website and he does not care that you are unaware of any such policy. I know it's just $10 but it's the principle of charging people b/c you feel like it vs having an actual policy people agree to. I check cancellation policies everywhere we go as they can get expensive when you have to change plans and we all know how RV life can change quickly.
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