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June 3, 2019
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i don't usually do these kind of reviews, but this is something important you all need to be aware of. we made reservations for the 3rd of june going and the 8th of june coming back. i was half way there on my motorcycle when we were hammered by rain and hail, anyone who rides can understand how dangerous that can be. i had to turn back and return to colorado but i stopped and called the family camp to tell them we were prevented from coming by hail. i got an answering machine so i left a message, this was a bit before 10AM. whe i returned home i again called and talked to debbie who advised me that the air force didn't care how bad the weather was, if i didn't show up i had to surrender 20 dollars of the fee. i tried to make her understand that it was not my fault but the weather. no good, she quoted the rules as written in her website. so ! they have another website besides this one, too bad cause this one is way above hers in quality. it made no difference that my info came from this website, apparently ignorance of their rules was no excuse, and the fact that she chose not to warn me about this policy also made no difference. so just bear this in mind when you decide to stay there larry, you should post this policy so no one else gets blindsided. in my opinion the military screwed up when they allowed civilians to run things. we certainly won't be back.
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September 05, 2019
Just have to say, just like the airlines, delays and cancellations due to weather is NOT their fault and compensation is not required. If you had been flying to SLC and then going out to use the FAMCAMP but your flight was cancelled due to weather should they have to lose their fee because you didn't show up? This is the perils (and cost) of any travel--no one can control the weather.
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