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Texas 134808
19-26 Sep 2016
(Updated: September 25, 2016)
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We are here for our granddaughters graduation from BMTS. There have been a lot of changes in the past 42 years when I went through Boot Camp. The only thing that I recognized was Wilford Hall the base hospital. Entry through the commercial gate is recommended I think due to the amount of traffic through the "Luke" gate. I will be egressing the commercial gate as well due to a very tight serpentine setup on the outbound side of the Luke gate. The Fam Camp facility is pretty nice. The FHU sites were all taken when we arrived. We were asked if we wanted to go on a list to move "in a few days" but we declined as we were only staying a week and had water and electric. There were a couple of longer term residence that were moved out of there sites as they had already stayed their allotted 30 days. So it would appear the office personnel are paying attention to the rules. The laundry room has 4ea Washer/Dryers @ $1.50 per load. The machines were all operational and clean. It wasn't until after we started all four machines (we were the only ones in there at the time) did we see a posted sign asking patrons to use maximum of 2 machines. Oops! The combined showers and restrooms were clean however were in serious need of a paint job. Paint was peeling and falling from the ceiling. There is no Diesel available on base. Office staff was very helpful, but they could sure use a bigger office (or smaller desk)! One other negative is there are no picnic tables in the area with no sewer (East side). All in all, a Great place it stay! Can you do anything about the humidity? 
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