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Aug 2016
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well where to begin?? let me preface with this, ALL the NEGATIVE associated with this place/review is due to the front gate/admin personnel and not the lake personnel... upon arriving we went to the pass/id office for our passes, as soon as i pulled out my older non-barcoded id card i was told that either i would have to go next door to get a new one or i would not be able to enter? i asked the clerk why he could not manually enter my info into the temporary pass system like they do at ALL the installations we visit in the united states? he said it would not allow him to do that? i told him that i was not going to go next door and get a new card as my card is VALID at ALL military installations in the good ol us of a!! he said this was the problem, this depot is civilian run and the rules were different, then he asked me if my wife was a us citizen(because she only had her drivers license with her in the office) i asked him if the provost marshal was a military member and if he/she was that he better make a phone call asap cause i was gettin mighty mad at this point!! the pm called back and after the clerk explained what he had told me the pm said to issue us a pass and let me get on my way, so after an hour of interrogation we were finally headed to the lake.... we went to the lake office to check in and was told to go find a spot, get set up and come back when settled, so i asked what spots were open, i was told this info was not avail so i would have to just go find an open spot? so we drove to the sites back towards the gate which you first pass on the way to the office, this is the newest location which has concrete pads, the others are dirt. so we grabbed the only open spot outta 15 and got set up(rest were full timers). all spots are very close to the lake and only take about 1 min to walk to the water. we went back to the office the next day to settle up and was told the registration system was going to be down for the rest of the week so i manually filled out a ticket and was on my way, after telling my gate experience to the camp office gal she gave me the contact info to the person in charge of those civilians so i could express my concerns, she then gave me a run down on the area attractions and we grabbed the fishin poles to relax and forget about things for a bit(even though i was still very agitated at the whole ordeal) so like i said once you get past the front gate and actually arrive at the lake to begin your camp vacation all is very very nice and relaxing, there are many items to rent at mwr for the lake and plenty of space for walking/running/biking/hiking or just relaxing!!! make sure you bring enough food so that you do not have to go off post, but if you need to there is a walmart in new boston 5 miles down the road for whatever you need including fuel. if it was not for the civilian personnel at the front who immediately ruin your vacation mood i would come back, but i just don't feel like returning because next time i will not be able to hold my tongue/temper at a staff who is ignorant to the meaning of an id card with no barcode and who forgets WHO this recreation area was made for!!!
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