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February 15 - March 14
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We originally planned on staying here a week but due to some family issues wound up staying four weeks.  I have mixed feelings so I'll start with the good.  The sites are cement and level with more than enough space for an RV and truck.  There is not a lot of shade with only one tree at the site, which did bloom while we were there so that helped. No issues with the utilities although the water pressure did fluctuate daily.  The laundry was fine, although the room  could have been cleaned a little better.  Now the bad, anyone who says the road noise is bearable must be deaf because you hear it everywhere and at all times of day and night.  Our first site was at the back of the park nearest to Highway 54 and even with earplugs while sleeping, it was constant.  We moved to another site half way into the park and could still hear it.  Don't expect to sleep past 5:30 because that's when rush hour begins.  The quiet hours end at 5:00 AM so that tells you the park caters to the active duty living there.  Not one of the posted rules are followed and it's obvious.  More than one resident has three vehicles along with their RV and one even had a storage trailer along with three vehicles.  Many residents have so much junk around their site it makes the place look like a base housing trailer park.  Many have outdoor refrigerators, built in stairs and cars that looked like they haven't moved in months.  Others have complained about dog poop on the grass, which is very bad, but it's not only the grass where the dog walk is but in the rocks around the park and even in the roads.  Definitely the worst military campground when it comes to people not cleaning up after dogs.  We had a neighbor that would go outside to smoke at 6:15 AM and carry on phone conversations for over an hour.  Very little consideration among the long term residents there.  The only WiFi is at the rec room and when we tried to connect we had issues.  The park has lots of potential, despite El Paso not having a lot to do, but the rules need to start being enforced before it can live up to that potential.
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