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Texas 134808
October 2015
(Updated: November 15, 2015)
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Not really impressed with this camp, a lot of homesteading and active duty personal who are taking all the spots away from others. Dog feces was all over the place. The camp host was not very friendly or welcoming. Thankfully we only stayed one night.
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January 14, 2016
Excuse my harsh words, but who the heck do you think you are anyway? Why would you even mention there are a lot of active duty there? AD should ALWAYS have priority for anything shared with all other authorized patrons! Assuming you were AD at one time didn't you expect, appreciate and maybe even demand priority, even over AD dependents?

You served to gain this Country's freedom, they ARE serving to keep it for YOU (and me). Give them some slack, better yet, volunteer to give up your spot so an AD person/family can get a bit of relaxation in.

USAF Retired, 1989
January 25, 2016
Maybe when waiting for base housing, but not in stead of base housing and i think some are actually living here and getting full BAQ while enjoying the same benefits as living on base and losing BAQ. Especially if it is an officer. Also TDY they get per diem, but the TDY people i have talked to bring their families and pets while still getting full per diem/TDY pay. Active duty should be on leave or waiting for base housing to be here, not homesteading. I say 90 day max.
January 25, 2016
In reply to an earlier comment

see my comment above, Active duty should not be homesteading at a park. They get full BAQ and living on base you lose BAQ in base housing. If they are on leave or maybe waiting for base housing, that is OK. TDY people bring families and pets here and get paid full TDY pay too. Here there are a lot of families of trainees graduating and not enough spaces even in partial for them to visit.
February 01, 2016
In reply to an earlier comment

Sounds like your assuming people are living there without all the facts. You must have allot of time on your hands.
Tom White
4 results - showing 1 - 4