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Texas 36903
March 07
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Did not stay here, but drove thru to check it out. The directions into Brooks are accurate, but that doesn't minimize the difficulty in finding the FamCamp. We just went by to see the place and take a few pictures. I'm glad I didn't have my RV in tow. Challenger Road and Perimeter Road did not show up on any maps we had. It appears that Brooks used to be a very nice place, but has now gone way south. The road leading out to the FamCamp is rough and narrow. The camp host told us that Brooks is no longer owned by the AF, but rather is owned by the city and portions leased back to the AF. Maybe that is why the signs leading to Brooks now say Brooks City Base. And, it would also explain the lack of security. We did not have to show any ID's to get on base and there were no barricades at the gates. The security fence around the base had many holes in it. There is no BX or Commissary, but there is a gas station and shoppette. I probably wouldn't stay here unless really desperate. I have to wonder how long this FamCamp will be around -- I suspect it's days are numbered.
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