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Texas 51179
July 10-11, 2015
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We stayed here two nights on the way from southern New Mexico to Dallas, TX. Small campground, but spacious enough sites. The campground near the hospital and close to the Arnold Street Gate so don't have to drive through the base to get to it. The road to the campground is currently torn up for construction. We were warned about this when we called the office to get our site number. The road is narrow and parts of it one-way. We left before the road crew had their machines on the road at 7:00a as otherwise it could have been a tight fit, or even require the crew to get the equipment off the road for us to pass. Helpful people in the office. Free wi-fi, but we found the speed extremely slow. Rated the amenities as 3 based on average ratings from previous reviews since we did not use them ourselves; would be nice to have an option that allows bypassing this particular rating. Overpriced IMHO, but probably comparable to or perhaps less than private campgrounds in Abilene.
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