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July 28-30, 2015
(Updated: November 13, 2015)
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The camp host is non-existent it seems. I was there three nights and NEVER was able to physically meet the camp host and phone communications are just as bad. But, at least the sites are clearly marked as reserved or available so you can just pick an available site and fill out the registration card and pay fees. But, you will want to use a check for this. I would not stick cash or a credit card number in the drop box. If you were allowed to come in through the SE Military Drive gate, it would be awesome, but they require you use the Growden gate which results in a long confusing drive to the campground. If you follow the directions, you will get their fine. Hopefully, you have a navigator helping you watch for road signs though. It makes it rough if you miss one. You can use the other gates with just a passenger vehicle after you set up. The campground is clean and quite with ample on site parking. There is some good shade on some sites which is great for S. Texas in July. The restrooms and showers are clean and well kept. There were several open sites the day we arrived and they never filled up the three days we were there. I was on a 10 day round trip from Wisconsin to Corpus Christy, TX and back and stayed at three military campgrounds. This was the worst but still better than most private and state campgrounds. And for $20 a night and full hookups, you can't hardly beat the value.
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February 11, 2016
The office people are not camp host like other camps have. They are MWR employees and only work certain hours and off at 4PM when people come in. This is one of the few places that do not have a camp host, especially for non duty hours,weekends,and holidays. I have suggested it, but nothing back on it. The grounds and restrooms are kept up by a contract with Goodwill. The reason you can't use the front gate is because of the zig zag barriers and a big rig, especially with tow could not make it. A security cop would have to hold up traffic and move the barriers in or out. Small units would have no problem with no tow.I have come through the same gate off Acme Road for years now and i guess i am used to it. Right now it is hard to get a full service slot because of homesteaders. The partial places are taken on thursday thru Saturday usually by graduating trainees visitors. Making a reservation well in advance at Fort Sam is better, but they have no wi-fi if you want internet. No reservations at lackland even though they are both joint service now.
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