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May-Jun 2015
(Updated: July 17, 2015)
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This FamCamp is going down hill from 2 years ago. One person for grounds maintenance (lawn care). Manager didn't show any concern about campsites getting mowed, she was more worried about the wooded part being mowed by the entrance. Had to pull the grass around the hook ups, grass was taller than our sewer hose stand. They should invest in fixing the broke down mower sitting in the back that the grass is growing over and have one or both the camp host help with mowing. We were assigned a flooded space and had to pretty much beg to be moved away from the mosquito nest. Camp host was more concerned about building steps and a dog kennel for his campsite than helping. Office staff stops helping at the very second the office hours say closed. Laundry facilities were dirty and not maintained. The washing machine doors are sprung and they smelled like mildew. Spider webs are taking over the women's bathroom and laundry room, along with the broom and dust pan that has sat in the corner unused for a very long time. Tornado was spotted and base police was riding through the camp ground with lights on, but was never told where to take shelter. Went to the fire station, soaked, cold and aggravated. Train noise wasn't an issue. Can get mail on base by purchasing a post office box at the base post office.
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