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Texas 134808
May 27-29
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***Note: The Growden gate has working hours and is NOT open 24/7. We arrived late, around 9pm and the Growden gate for large commercial vehicles was closed already. Went back on the highway to find another gate and entered via the Luke gate with our military ID. It was a tight squeeze for our 31ft motor coach but the sentry were patient since there was no traffic. We followed the helpful map posted in the photos below pulled thru the loop and parked in the first vacant spot (they have little placards that show if they are occupied) set up for the night and paid for our 2 day stay the following morning. The office is only open from 8-4pm so plan accordingly. Most of the partial hook up sites were available, a plus cosidering there are no reservations. There are some permanent/full time RV residents but they are polite and helpful. We ventured out to the BX and commissary on the second day and wish we would have gone earlier it's like a big shopping mall with food court and shops and everything one could need at post/tax free prices! The commissary is a great place to restock as the prices are great, and it is quite large and very well stocked and has nice employees. Overall we enjoyed our 2-day stay and actually considered adding an add'l day just to check out the base and PX. We will definitely return here when in San Antonio. Also, The host assisted us in obtaining info for a rental car to checkout the local sights (Alamo and River Walk) and there is one on base with complimentary pick up from the camp ground. If you want a day weekday rental it's about $45/day for their smallest car w/military discount.
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October 08, 2015
I heard they were in transition of hiring a new camp host or manager around the time you were there. Staff was there everyday we stayed there except for on Sunday. Looks like they got that issue resolved.
Tom White
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