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Texas 163547
March 2015
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I'll give the good, bad, and ugly. The good is this RV park is beautiful, very nice large sites, flat cement, very clean, well maintained! Staff is very friendly and helpful. The bad is 5 ft from the RV park is a train track that is VERY active, in fact the most active train track I have ever seen in the US! A train goes by at least every 5 to 10 minutes especially at night, and the conductors LOVE to pull and hold that train horn for long periods of time, it's incredibly annoying!! I will certainly never return because of these trains!! The ugly, the rest of the base! This base has nothing to offer besides commisary and exchange, the roads on base are TERRIBLE!! They make no effort to repair the roads and are not safe for cars. Many buildings are closed and old, like the bowling building was closed due to falling ceiling and various safety hazards! This base has had on going construction on roads for the last 10 years! When you enter the base your surrounded by a golf course. They conveniently built a road through a golf coarse so there's guys teeing off balls around you as you drive around the base. It's ridiculous! Be cautious.
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