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30 Oct 2014
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Stayed at Belton Lake, Deer Park, Fort Hood, TX on 30 October 2014. Our cost with Golden Age $12.75. Pricing on this site may be incorrect. RV Campground is very nice and in the woods. Bathrooms were what made it so bad. They were dirty with worms crawling all over the walls and floors and many other bugs. My wife reported the same in the ladies room. Metal hand rail in shower was rusting; commodes/urinals look as though they had not been cleaned in months, if ever; shower floors were filthy. One stall had dried feces on the floor indicating it had been there for awhile. My wife reported similar results, minus the feces, in ladies room. Overall, so FILTHY that we decided to not use them and to leave the next day. Before leaving, we did take photos of the bathrooms. Reported the above to the Office and were told they would be sending someone to check on the problems. The Famcamp is wonderful with beautiful surroundings, lake; forest and deer. We witnessed several BLORA vehicles just driving around and doing nothing else. Maybe the Admin Office could better use those individuals time a little better and save on fuel!
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