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15-24 Mar 2014
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A pleasant rec area type location with nearby lake, picnic grounds and cabins. The back-in sites are next to the bathhouse with a view (out the front) of the lake and picnic area. Lot #15 that we stayed in had the best/widest "front yard" of the back-ins, but in general the back-ins are too close together. The pull-thrus are farther away from the lake but still within easy walk of the bathhouse/laundry. The weather was very nice over the weekend when we were there and this brought out lots of day-use and cabin-stay people. We were not bothered at all by the extra noise and congestion, EXCEPT for the half dozen or so who parked on the grass in our and neighboring lots, even blocking the pads to vacant lots, so they could be a bit closer to the picnic/cabin area than if they had parked in the wide open parking lot. Two of the vehicles remained there overnight, one on each side of our bedroom - well almost overnight - the occupants of one of them woke us up with loud talking and door slamming at 3:00 a.m. as they made ready to pull out. (I told the manager about this the following Monday.) The bathhouse and laundry were clean and tidy, except (again) on picnic day the bathroom got a bit messy because of heavy use. Sightseeing: Take Knickerbocher Road approx 3 miles south past the airport to where it turns right off RM-584A for a look at the amazing spillway.
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