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October 2013
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We stayed in October 2013 and enjoyed the actual campground. It was very neat and clean and the sites spacious. We did not use the laundry or shower room so we can't comment on that. The only issue we had was the woman that ran the front desk. On two separate occasions we asked simple questions and she was extremely rude and smart mouthed to us. First question was, Is there a site with a tree that we could move to (the one we were in, was in the direct sun until about 6 in the evening, our awning wouldn't even block it, with my husband's heart trouble we could not sit outside much). Her response was "don't you have an awning? put it out." Next question was, what address would we have my husband's medication sent to. My husband was having a hard time hearing her on the phone and asked her to wait so that he could hand it to me. When I answered, she said "Well, for anyone who is listening, I will tell you what to do." I remained friendly and mentioned that the address she gave me was not the one listed on their website. She told me that if I had bothered to continue reading that it says that you can not have mail delivered to that address. The web site does not say this, but I decided not to argue with her, for fear of saying something that I might later regret. Too, bad because the place itself is very nice. Just don't want to ever have to deal with that woman again.
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