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Texas 83070
Aug 2013
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Very disappointed in way patrons are treated. Embarrassed that guests saw and tried to use a MWR facility in such poor shape. Bedding in the cabin was so horrible we had to lay the vinyl sleeping pads on the floor to get enough support to sleep. The couch (pull out bed) was so worn you could not sit on it without feeling the metal frame underneath. The majority of the boat trailer parking was reserved for employee parking instead of guests. An overflow area was established further up the hill in the brush with weeds all over the parking pad. No employees were seen using the reserved spots. After hour patrons were being allowed to park on boat ramp causing boaters to have to use the top of a very long hill to turn around to back trailer on boat ramp. The marina docks were not secured and were allowed to drift in cove sometimes blocking entrance/exit to the cove for the boats. Rental boats were moored without and type of bumpers and allowed to shift in slip causing major damage to metal sides. The main dock was so full of paddle style boats no boat parking for patrons was available to launch or recover boats. The retail store was only seen open one time during our stay and the items for sale were only water and some small sodas. Retail store hours were posted at 9am to 3 pm. This is a weekend summer facility that offers patrons nothing. Rates were advertised at $35 a night but I was charged $40 per night. MWR is losing a vast revenue in the retail store, boat rentals and camping essentials by not serving the patrons. I felt like boaters were second class citizens at this facility. I WILL NOT use this facility again nor will I recommend to others.
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October 06, 2014
Very Disappointed, that sez a lot in itself, I cant speak for the condition inside the cabins but there is AMPLE BOAT TRAILER PARKING You don't like that a few spots are reserved for military members? You don't Imagine the earned it do you? the docks are secured But, the Lake Fluctuates Rapidly, currently we are up nearly 9 ft in a week conversely it can drop that far in the same or less time depending on the operation of the Dam, After hours patrons do park down the ramp from time to time but Im betting even the least skilled boater can turn around at the bottom of the ramp and back in the water, Personally I like seeing people out there, Gives Me a sense that they are enjoying themselves, The condition of the boats is basically the same here as it is at the sheppard annex on Texoma they aren't fantastic but they get the job done if you want to fish, The retail store hours are curtailed in the summer and is based on the activity level at the campground its hard to justify paying someone to be there when theres no one in the campground besides a couple miles away is the Exxon on hwy 90 they have EVERYTHING YOU NEED! its not like You had to go to del rio! Squabbling about a $5 difference (they had just changed rates and hadn't updated the website) for the view and the access You had to one of the most beautiful lakes in South Texas just doesn't Make Sense, Do You know of another Military Rec Facility on a lake that is Much Different than this one? Next time You have the chance to stay here in the del rio area Feel Free to check in at LaQuinta Although Im betting You could stay at the Hilton and still find something to Complain About!
Douglas Hatchett
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