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Texas 188976
August 2013
(Updated: September 26, 2013)
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While the facility itself ranks with the best, we were quiet disappointed with personnel at the registration point, in that, behavior was completely unacceptable. And let’s be clear, some employees did demonstrate good manners and were courteous. For instance; when we called in to make reservation, were told to ask about the “lottery,” since we were not able to reserve through the weekend. So at check in, we did inquire about the lottery. I don’t wish to mention names but the person who was taking care of us, besides being totally rude with their responses, also told us the “lottery” was not longer available. Incidentally, I came in the registration office Friday morning and luckily, a different person was at the front desk. Curiously I asked “again” about the lottery and to make a long story short and consequent to the “lottery,” we did get a site until Sunday, as originally desired. On another issue, when we are home, wake up normally arrives around 5:00 AM. Doesn’t necessarily mean a similar pattern is to be followed when we are on vacation. During our stay at Canyon Lake, we experienced a much unwelcome hammering noise from someone collocated next to our RV site. Moreover, they also elected to clean their POV air filter with a pretty loud air compressor. Later we learned that they happened to be “camp hosts.” To the powers to be, someone needs to visit the above cited matter and act accordingly. Customer service, for one, is a subject which should be equally exercised by everyone “behind the desk.” We look forward to return and hopefully the mentioned areas are taken care of.
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