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Texas 134808
6 Jun 2013 - 9 Jun 2013
(Updated: June 09, 2013)
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Followed directions on the web-site coming in the Growdon gate. Very accurate and thanks for whoever made the strip map with the water tower landmark. Previous comments indicate that the Famcamp was having issues in the management arena. It is my opinion that MWR has corrected any faults as stated in the previous comments. The Famcamp does have a weekend manager on duty I think Gary is his name. Very informed individual and willing to provide and share information. Police of the Famcamp is excellent, no trash or paper in the area, as was the entire Base. Dogs were observed in the Famcamp, owners did police up after the pet and did use a field next to the Famcamp to exercise their pets. Did not see the presents of homesteading in the camp. One motor home with a cargo trailer next to it but seemed very organized and neat. The field next to the Famcamp provides for some interesting viewing of squirrels, rabbits and various types of birds, bring your bino’s very entertaining. Laundry and bath facilities were cleaned daily. Showers were kind of on the old side but clean and serviceable. Utility hook ups at the sites look like they are new, this is throughout the entire Famcamp. Laundry costs are $1.50 per use, both washer and dryer. Roads coming into and on base are excellent not like Joint base Sam Houston. We stayed here in a motor home and will return whenever in SA.
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