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Texas 134808
May 14 - May 20, 2013
(Updated: May 25, 2013)
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We've been here twice. The first time 3-1-2013 to 3-11-2013, we were in the overflow, no hook-ups the 1st night, moved to partial hook-ups,water & sewer the 2nd night and moved to full hook-ups for the remainder,8 days on the 3rd day. When we arrived, the first time, we found that there is no designated area to park. We were told we could stay in the overflow area, wait until someone to leave in the partial hook-ups, then move to the partial and wait for someone to leave in the full hookups then move into one of those. Everything worked out fine. Having to move everyday was a bit annoying. Laundry was free then. Our 2nd visit, 5-14-2013 to 5-20-2013. Laundry is no longer free. New washers & dryers were installed, $1.50 wash + $1.50 to dry. I've never paid this much even off base. Our stay here was fine. This time we parked in an area next to the dump station to go register. The man at the desk seemed to be annoyed that we were interrupting his TV watching. If you park on the side facing the office you will get NO shade on your door side, which we asked to be directed to. We were warned that there was someone there with 4 dogs that barked all the time. If you want shade pick the side that faces the partial hook-ups. We've stayed at military bases from Northern California to Florida. I rated this park as average because there are better and worse.
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