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Texas 53230
January 1, 2013
(Updated: February 11, 2013)
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The rv park has improved much over the last visit 12 years ago, BUT! could be so much better if someone with some RV savvy had laid it out. The way it is everything is wrong when it comes to hook up and there is no reason it could not have been laid out the way it should have been, there is plenty of room and very level. I am enjoying my stay here the folks in the outdoor recreation are great. They had nothing to do with the park layout. You will find no cheaper rates then what they have here. They do have to many site that they are renting out to GI station here as far as I'm concerned. The RV park should be for folks traveling or spending a few months in the area. Here they are trying to make it a paying concern and renting out trailer left over from Hurricane Cantrina to GI's that are station here. That is the purpose of "Trailer Parks" and should not be a part of MWR.
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