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Texas 67711
Jan.9-12, 2013
(Updated: January 14, 2013)
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Good ole' Ft. Hood. Official policy is no reservations, but they will "hold" a spot for you if you're driving in & there are openings, that day. Sure helps to know you've got a spot at the end of a long drive. Everything's still clean as as well run as ever. Bathhouse/showers spotless, great hot water too. Amenities/Facilities graded 3 due to no wi-fi. I sure wish they'd put in a wi-fi, even if it's in the clubhouse. You can wash your RV in your Famcamp spot. Value is graded a 4 also due to the $18 per night fees. We love it here, don't doubt it. It's just we stay at a lot of great Famcamps that aren't $18. The new Chili's is open on base. Main base gas station has diesel. FYI- the storage yards here are as good as we've seen or used anywhere. Great people and great service. Dumb as it sounds it's pretty much like the guards on gate duty tell you " welcome to the great place". Ft. Hood has everything you'd need on a base and probably 2 of them.
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