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(Updated: December 04, 2012)
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Just stayed here in a 37 Ft motorhome with a Jeep toad. The grounds and facilities are well cared for, and the staff is excellent. I thought the staff a little rough when we were en route and spoke to them over the phone, but they immediately warmed upon meeting them face to face. This was understandable, as standing and speaking with them for any amount of time is a task in pausing the conversation so they can answer the ever ringing phone, or to answer a question from a park resident. They never hesitate to help and often gave us the local gems to try out. Joe, Baker and the hosts Steve and Bryant are great! The park is excellent and would be at $100 more a month. For those that are considering this park, I would absolutely recommend setting a reservation. The first day we were here the ladies up front indicated that they had not had an open spot in a month! Additionally, don't plan on staying for more than 30 days. They strictly enforce the 30 day stay limit, and require you to leave the park for 7! days before returning. I thought this a little excessive, especially for the Active Duty folks, but it really shows in the parks appearance. I didn't see any roots growing from the trailers and coaches! This park has no cable or WIFI at this time. They say they are trying, but I don't believe this will ever happen. With the costs involved and the militaries steadily shrinking budgets, we should be glad to have these amenities at all. The installation's infrastructure is HORRIBLE!! The roads are trashed, just getting the coach in was extreme. Additionally, if you intend to use the Winans Gate ensure you arrive prior to 2200, as it closes nightly. Also, DO NOT attempt to arrive during rush hour 1500-1800, it may take you 2 hours just to get from I35 to the gate! Also at this time Rittiman and Harry Wurzbach streets are under major construction. If you have a wide body coach, a weekend approach may be the best for you, as the weekday traffic is insane and they don't give an inch, even to a 40k pound motor home. Finally, Ft Sam is a training base with fresh Soldiers and Airman learning medicine. This is to be read as a warning to keep on your toes while driving the base. The little guys are everywhere and where this stuff called Camo that makes them hard to see. Would whole heartedly recommend this camp for future stays!
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