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Texas 67711
Aug 2-7 2012
(Updated: August 03, 2012)
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We arrived today and although we had DoD stickers on both the RV and the car we were subjected to a full blown out search, they even opened the cabinets and went into the bathroom. This is after we had to guess what exits to take because no one knew what the exit numbers were that we needed to exit at to get here. When you enter the park the first thing you see is a bunch of back ins that are like sardines, maybe 10' between each. So if you come here take a pull through. Staff was rude and even put the wrong out date on the reservation. No park map, Sharp turns and homesteaders galore. Guess they never saw AR 25-1 "Homesteading is Forbidden" or they just do not give a _________. Oh yes, after you get the 3rd degree by the civilian police then you have to go through a military gate where, as usual the Army guard asks you for your ID, like every other military installation in the world. There is also NO place to park to register at the office so you will end up blocking the street. We stayed in a Class A.
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