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Texas 188976
July 16-20, 2012
(Updated: July 24, 2012)
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This was my first visit to this facility. My initial phone call was friendly and courteous. I made a follow up phone call, Robert was very friendly and helpful. The female that checked me in at the gate was very friendly. The bombshell came when I got there late and was very tired and was actually at my site relaxing and setting up our site when a very grouchy bearded rude old guy came yelling about our boat being somewhat on the grass. Scared my family to death, ruined our night. Yes, my bad. I failed to notice my son had parked it on the grass. The guy had no tact I thought I left the army and went back to basic training. To notice the next day the guy 2 RV's down had his trailer on the grass for the duration of my time there(4 days). Perhaps that man was racist or had the good old buddy system going. Past that experience, the park was great, the shower facilities were great and everyone else seemed friendly and courteous.
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