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Texas 163547
November 6, 2011
(Updated: November 07, 2011)
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This park was very difficult to get into. We got lost and wasted a lot of time on it. I rated this very low in for the Cleanliness/hospitality. The park was very clean, unfortunately we have never been berated, belittled and treated like children before a military park. We arrived at 5:00 pm on Sunday and parked in an empty spot because the office was closed. The camp host immediately pulled up and reprimanded us for not checking in at the office (Remember, it was Closed) and not making a reservation. He said the site we were in was paid for and sent us to another spot. We were told to pay in the morning and were again treated rudely by the staff in the office. She also was upset we did not make a reservation and almost seemed to want to argue with me. I asked her for a map and she said it wouldn't do us any good because it would all change soon. WHAT?! We felt very unwelcome. If you must stay here, call ahead for a reservation and hopefully they will be nice to you.
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