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13 Oct 2011
(Updated: October 24, 2011)
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Did an overnight at Sam Houston on or about 12 Oct 11. The previous post about Rittiman Road is correct. Recommend not using the Harry Wertzback Road entrance. As you enter the base the right side of the road is lined with trees. The trees have been recently trimmed back and are very sharp at the ends. Vehicles coming off Post pushed me over to the right scratching the side of my motor home. Arrive at 2000 hours camp host meet me at the rear of my vehicle and immediately gave me a lecture about making reservations, lead me to my spot and took off. Did not get any info except, pay at 0900 in the morning. Went to use the shower and it has a combination on the door. Reported to the Camp office at 0900 to pay bill. Got a lecture from the camp manager about making reservations. It took the camp manager about 20 minutes to determine what spot I was in even though I told her what it was. Obliviously I was in someone else's spot who was absent for the evening. Asked about the trees coming on post and was told, not her problem go see some one at the cemetery as the trees belonged to them. My recommendation, go to an Air Force Base when in SA, I will.
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