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Texas 134808
december 2009
(Updated: December 10, 2010)
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We were snowbirds wanting to stay till March and we had 50amp slot when after 30 days we were kicked out of our slot and told we must leave for 24 hours. This was when there were like 6 slots open in the 30 amp area with no sewage where we could have spent the night or even stayed. I was not picky. When there are so many empty slots open, why are the people kicked out of the park or to the no service slot for a night? Other than that, we like the park, but don't plan on staying over 30 days unless you want to pack up and leave for at least a day even if spaces are available. Also the 30amp slots with no sewers were the same price as the full service slots which does not make sense to me. I have been to other parks with no sewage and were only charged $13 a night. This park is pet friendly and most of the people are friendly, especially the little Mexican man that works there. Again, short stays are great here, but not over 30 days. One thing different and nice is that the washing machines and dryers are free to use and in a clean warm area. Using the back gate is an inconvenience as the gate on Military drive is only about 1 mile away. They could take the barriers down long enough to let an RV in.
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