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21 May - 4 Jun 2010
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Entire base is under construction. Call office and ask for best way in. Shrubs have overgrown the brick wall fence at entrance of look close or you may go by it. Was brought to the office's attention on my first day and nothing was ever done. No host ever came to greet you or show you where to park. Office staff does not come out to check and see if all work has been done. No signs posted saying dogs not allowed in office. A lady came in the office with a small dog and she was told the dog couldn't be in the office. The lady even mentioned there were no signs stating that. I found it to be comical because there sat a cat on the office desk! Camp Hosts were responsible for cleaning bathrooms. They were filthy to put it mildly. Trains come by the park nightly from 10PM til about 4AM blowing their horns. Laundry facility had cobwebs hanging everywhere. Price of laundry was good though...75 cents a load. Grass needed cutting and had only one person doing it. We were told we could sign out a mower and do it ourselves! Mosquito level was high due to the wet and high grass. Campground is centrally located to allot of area attractions in and around San Antonio. Base has a good size PX and commissary to stock up on. Sorry...won't stay at this campground again.
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