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Texas 136010
December 5, 2009
(Updated: December 17, 2009)
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The last time we were here was springtime of 2007, and this was a great campground then. I'm pleased to report that in the winter of 2009 it's still a great campground that is poorly situated immediately adjacent to a major freeway. The only noticeable differences since our last visit are that the mountains to the west have snow on them, the trees are a bit bigger but with fewer leaves, and the large population of roseated finches that occupied the trees have gone to Mexico for the winter. Otherwise, the place is still well-kept, generally well-managed, and a nice place to spend a couple of days to break up another long drive from Florida to California. The descriptions of the facilities on this website, above, and in the reviews, below pretty well cover the quality of this RV park. There was one annoyance. We paid for three days but, because of impending weather concerns along the route to our next destination, we had to leave a day early. When I went to the office to get a refund, I was told NO REFUNDS. The clerk then reached UNDER an in/out box and pulled out a sign that should have been on clear display, and had the temerity to tell me that the policy was clearly posted. He said he would give me a one day camp credit in "the book," so that if we should return we would get one day of camping at no further charge. I took the credit and we left. If you take credit cards, and are running a good business you should bend over backwards to make the customer happy. After all the above fine words on this place, that left a sour taste. But all-in-all it's a pleasant place to spend some time. Of course, now I know the policy and will be much more circumspect in my dealings with the business end of the park.
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