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Texas 36903
7 Dec - 31 Dec 08
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This is a very different military campground. I guess I should say it really isn't a military campground. It is run by Brooks Development Authority. It is scheduled to close in 2011. That will be bad thing, because it is a nice quiet place to stay. Wild Bill as my wife calls him is the camp host. He will do whatever it take to make your stay worth it. We where only going to stay one night and then head to CCNAS. You can see we changed our plans. There is no BX, Commissary, and bowling alley. That's okay, they have a gym, gas station, and a little club anyone can go to with a military ID. There is a guy that shares his wifi with fellow campers. The library has free wifi. If you get there on the 1st of the month and stay the whole month it is a flat rate. If you get there on the 2nd you don't get the same flat rate. That is the one strange thing about the pricing. Yes there are some fulltimers, but that happens at a lot of campground. This is a place to stop if you are passing through the SA area.
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