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Texas 96042
Dec. 3, 2008
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This is the third time I have stayed here. As usual, the staff were very friendly and willing to help. I arrived late at night and did find a spot. Space 22. Hooked up electric and figured I would hook up the rest in the morning. In the morning, I checked and no sewer hookup. This is the first time I have stayed in this little section. There were 8 or 10 sites there with just electric and water. I mentioned it to the staff and they said they have been there right along. Guess I just never noticed them because they do sit off the rest of the campsites a little. They said they are adding 9 new sites. A lot of construction going on on the base so take it easy driving in. Also, as stated, this was my third time staying here. I have never had to get a "badge" or special pass or anything like that. I have never been asked about binoculars, cameras or told not to use anything like that while on the base. This time I did have a conversation with the gate guard about my GPS, but only because his girlfriend had just bought him one and he was curious. This is a nice campground and I would always stop here when passing through, but this time they were full, at least the sites with sewer hookups.
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