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This is El Jefe and I have stayed at Goodfellow AFB FamCamp six times and been camp host three times. I was not camp host during this time. I wish to respond to EXSailorinTexas. One-The famcamp is never dirty, there is trash as will happen in every park, but the park is picked up each day by the staff. Two-Because of the way the park is set out all or every site could or is a disabled site! Three-The civilian event he is talking about was sponsored in by a member of that event who is retired military and used his rights to the park. Four-The incident with the underwear happened on the Fourth of July, two months before he arrive at the park. He apparently heard this story told and added it to his tirade for color. Five-The restrooms/showers do need to be replaced, they are old, but they are kept clean and in as good shape as their age will allow. C E and the AF have promised to replace them for as long as I have been coming here. They are more than adequate. Six-How does he know that they are civilians? May be some, but most are service connected. Seven-The camp host was here every day and closed the gate every night that "he" was here at or near 2100. As for the rest of his story it is as false as those things I have already pointed out. The camp manager and the staff are very friendly and helpful and great people. All have three or more years of experience in outdoor Rec. The camp manager has over fifteen years of service to Outdoor Rec. The costs and air port are what they are. If you don't like them move to some other place. Eight-If you have an emergency call 911 or the police and they will respond, I would also notify the base security and the camp host. They will respond, but they are 10 miles away? I will not waste more time and space on this. Bottom line: Goodfellow FamCamp is a great place to stay and the staff are great people. You will always be welcomed here and treated great. Your experience here or anywhere is what you make it. BMC Bud Kingston, USCGR, El Jefe.
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