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Many dates from Jan 2002 to Jun 2006
(Updated: May 20, 2008)
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Since I lived for 28 years in San Antonio before going full time in 2001, I have stayed at FSH many times since our kids and grandkids still live there. Never considered staying at any other campground and usually stayed at FSH for a month at time, and on occasion would leave for the required period (think it was 3 days) and come back for another month. But as you note, I've not stayed there since Summer of 2006 - why? The road situation into the campground is just absurd! Every time it rains anywhere in the area, local or upstream, the road floods and may not open for days. I was just in SA for a month, 15 April - 14 May 2008 but road was closed when I wanted to come in and as far as I could tell, while driving by occasionally on I-35, never reopened - Holbrook road entrance was still open. That's the biggest drawback but second is computer access. Until about three years ago the campground had 3 computers available for use and 2 DSL lines for personal laptops - until some idiot downloaded porno on one of the government furnished computers and everything was removed by the "post internet cops". Since that time it's one phone line which is shared with the office house phone. These two factors have forced me to look to a private SA campground for my visits. Too bad that these two items can't be fixed to bring FSH back to a 5 Star camp!
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