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Mar 21, 2008
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C.K. left this review using the Directory software: We pulled into this campsite after the office closed. We had been traveling long hours trying to get to Mesa AZ from Pensacola FL and had been sleep deprived due to a breakdown on the road in Houston. Following the directions of the office personnel that we spoke to earlier in the day we entered the camp and started to go to the office entrance to check for empty sites. The camp host (I presume as he never introduced himself) drove up and began asking me if I had reservations. After I explained about talking to the office staff earlier that day, he assigned us a site. This being our first time at Fort Sam & my fatigue I wasn't quick to catch on to all that he was telling me and he appeared impatient with my "slowness". I'm not sure if it was because of my fatigue or his displeasure at being interrupted, but the whole encounter was less than pleasurable. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was because of my fatigue! The campground itself is very well groomed and presents well. the sites are wonderful and the whole campground looks brand new. We did not take advantage of any ammenties so I will reserve comment on this (this progam made me put a rating that's why I gave it an average). My main concern regarding this campground is the noise level from surrounding environment. The trains rain frequently until 0100 and started up again about 0400. We also heard many sirens etc. (Brooks Medical Center is right next to the campground). I'm sure that if one was staying for a while one would get used to these noises and wouldn't be bothered by them. Another thing to be aware of: if you have to go out through the Holbrook Gate you might encounter a train across the tracks blocking your exit (you can't see it until you are at the tracks! Yes, this happened to us. We did call the posted number to report blocked crossings and after about 30 minutes we could get back on the road! I'm sure that we will give Fort Sam another chance in the future; this was just a comedy of errors for our first visit here!
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