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Texas 163547
March 10 - 17, 2008
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Originally, we didn't have reservations and couldn't get in. We were able to get a reservation for a few days down the road for 6 days. At the ned of those 6 days, we had noticed there were empty sites every night. We asked if we could stay one more night if we changed apaces. No problems. Since we had paid for 6 nights already, the 7th night was free (weekly rate is the same as 6 nights). Unfortunately, the bridge to the campground was closed all week due to rain and they hadn't approved the bridge for safety. This makes getting from the campground to the base a large hassle. You have to go around and one-way streets make it a long trip. At one point a train blocked the road to the campground. 15 minutes later, we decided to make a 3 mile drive and go around the train. Speaking of trains - they are NOISY!!! I was awakened EVERY NIGHT by train horns. The above hassles made our visit less than perfect. However, the office staff was very friendly. Because of the location near the trains, we probably won't stay here again.
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