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Texas 36903
March 13, 2008
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Based on the previous reviews and low ratings, I expected to see a dump at this campground. Obviously, there's been a GREAT improvement here! We didn't see anything wrong, except the policy of letting campers stay indefintely. Even then, there wasn't any trashy RV sites or obvious homesteading. Instead, those RV sites that have been occupied for the season looked pretty normal, except for the tall grass under their RV's. The showers and bathrooms are a bit old, but the camp host is doing their best to keep them clean. The grass is mowed, but not neatly trimmed. There was only one vacant site during our visit. Sites are HUGE and spaced VERY far apart. The campground is located in a quiet part of the base. Although there's not many customer facilities on base, The roads aren't any rougher or narrower than other roads we've been on to access a military campground (better here than some others). There's plenty of room to for big rigs. I would prefer to stay here than any of the 'popular' military campgrounds in San Antonio. It's worth stopping by to see if there's an open RV site.
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