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Texas 38934
19 Nov 07
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The manager was very nice and showed us the open area to park. He warned that water was limited (only a small well with a lot of minerals) and the sewer system was not working properly (probably due to no water). I was the second RVer to visit in the last 6 months. This is primarily a hunting area, not for general recreational use. The Ranch is a very "out of the way" place with marginal dirt/gravel roads. The small community of Freer is the nearest location for food, etc and not too far away in miles but due to road conditions, it takes a long time (almost an hour) to get there. Your RV will get covered in dirt and develop rattles on the rough roads that are used by oilfield equipment. The only gritters we saw were a few birds and a giant (6+ foot) rattle snake grawling across the road. The weather conditions were very dry, windy, dusty. I don't know why this RV park is kept open unless there are a lot of NAS Kingsville government employees that hunt there. I was born and raised in the country, and enjoy the out of doors, but this place is just too rustic/primitive for most.
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