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December 2023
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Ok, gave this place a try for the winter. Stickers! What a ruined down campground, I'd be embarrassed to bring someone here. The salt air takes its toll on all metal, and the rain takes toll on the stationary structures. Over grown, unkept greenery shows a lot of neglect. Stickers! Rodents have torn up the grounds. Storm drains don't flow so standing water for the mosquitoes. Stickers! Now the good. Nice level spots with easy parking and the price is about what you would expect for a place in this condition. All utilities and dump worked. Free laundry was nice with a limited dayroom area. I spoke with a fella in town involved in building this place (old mobile home park), good laughs. "They haven't put a cent into that place since". Stickers Much of this upkeep with the landscape is a poor relationship the front office has with the contractor. Horrible job. Maybe it's the First Sergeant in me, but, please, take some pride in this place MWR. Stickers! There was self appointed "busy body" complaining about everybody else. No rules were published, like a welcome packet, so this guy reminded you! Lastly the place has been over run by stickers (thorns, burrs) so watch your pets in the green area. That and the poop people don't pick up.
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January 30, 2024
Just a few more tidbits. When I made the reservations for here the very first thing they said was no dog limit just need a rabies certificate, wrong, they do have a dog limit of 3. Good thing that’s all I had. The document you sign when checking in didn’t state any limit for pets, no copy of the rules are provided so one wonders if they don’t like something they tell you that it isn’t allowed or against the rules. Mice turds in the laundry area off and on. Bring your own table to used outside because the ones here are disgusting.
February 25, 2024
'Additionally, As much as the base has going on, I was unable to find much written history or a museum of past events. Library has a few pictures on the wall.There are plaques around the base to view.
2 results - showing 1 - 2