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Texas 163470
March 2nd until March 24th 2022
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This a nice camp ground to just chill out, which we like to do! The sites are laid out and spaced in such a way (the ones with the concrete pads) that you feel that you have a lot of room between you and your neighbor. We've been there in summer (never again), fall (great) and spring (so so). Too, hot and humid in the summer and the wind in the spring, is unfortunately is practically non stop. We love it in the late fall! I thought that the wifi was poor. We used our phone as a modem to stream Netflix and Prime for our tvs. Excellent signal with Xfinity. I played golf a couple of times, winds too strong most of the time for my liking. We enjoyed several seafood & TexMex (even though we're from northern NM and our chili is the best!) restaurants in the area. My wife found some excellent deals at Dillards for their end of the season clearance. So, we were happy campers, wind not withstanding! Obviously we like the place! ****The checkin office has temporarily (the staff didn't know for how long) relocated to (I believe the bldg. # is 332) the old "chapel" It's on the main road just passed the golf course with a big sign saying "RV checkin here" or something to that effect.***
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