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October 25, 2021 through November 2, 2021
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First time using FSH Camp site - we stayed for 8 nights while visiting family in San Antonio. The site is in the back part of FSH - near Softball fields, Golf Course and Cemetery - Can see BAMC from the camp site. The "Winans" gate is the one to use during the week -- they close around 8-9pm and not open on the weekend, then you have to use the Harry Wurzbach main gate. (Confusing to travel from HW gate as many of the streets don't have street signs -- but basically two quick lefts and follow the road to the camp site). The FSH camp requires to wear mask when checking in, but was easy if having a reservations (which I called about a month before). They do limit to 30 days, and several were leaving and arriving each day -- that was nice for that so you don't have a "trashy" permanent RV park like you might see off a military post. The camp sites are all concrete pads and have room for a car parked behind the RV (I have a 34 foot motorhome). They had no wi-fi, but we just used a hot-spot for internet with no issues. There are two bathroom/shower facilities and are cleaned each day. They mowed and trimmed around the grounds while there. Commissary is within 10 minute drive if that. Will be coming back next Spring!!!
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