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Jan 12 - Feb 7, 2021
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Nice park with level concrete pads, good utilities, staff are friendly enough. We like to go for walks in the evening and this is a great park for that. Everyone we've met at the park has been very friendly. The laundry facilities are very small, but work great, and we've never not been able to wash a load or two when we wanted. There's not much of a view, but it's nice and quiet. Each site has a nice concrete patio area with a picnic table. There are train tracks close by and you'll hear trains come through, but we use a white noise machine at night to sleep and never heard the trains over the noise machine. This might be a concern for someone else though if they are a light sleeper and don't have a noise machine. The only complaint we have has nothing to do with the park itself, but the base. It is a pain in the rear to get to the RV park. The closest gate to the park, the one listed in the directions on this website, is only open Mon-Fri during the day. So, although it works fine for getting the RV into the park, for day trips out to see the sights, you'll often have to use the main gate, which is much further from here and the roads over that way aren't very good. The pavement is in good shape, but it's kind of a roller coaster ride. You're also driving through a school zone and NCO Academy area, so lots of 20mph zones as well. We've gotten used to it though, having been here several weeks, and it's not a big complaint just a little frustrating. On a plus side, once you get to the front gate you are only minutes away from the Alamo and the Riverwalk. We've spent many afternoons enjoying the Riverwalk area and all there is to do down that way. The gas station, package store, PX, and commissary are all over by the main gate and have had everything we've gone to get find. All in all, a nice place to stay and we will definitely stay here again if we come through San Antonio. Note - when we paid for our stay the rate was $440 per month and it went up to $550 per month while we were here. It was a great bargain at $440 given the location, and I still believe it is at $550.
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