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27 Jan-27 Feb 2020
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Surprised how far off I-35, twisting, hilly roads for 16 miles. Central Texas Hill Country at its purest. Called ahead to ask specifics to reach the gates, great descriptive directions helped us get to the gate with no problems. Got checked in and proceeded to our assigned spot. Would have helped a great deal if the young man would have told me to take a certain road in instead of the one he had me take. Backing in a 43 ft 5th wheel from the opposite angle wasn't enjoyable. Some pull-thru's where you only have one angle to go in, but check which back in spot they assign you. Some are straight in, but others (we had spot 27, angled towards us as we drove in), will require you to loop around the park to get the right angle. If you have a short rig, no problems at all. The area is very remote, they have a ton of boat rentals, and the wild game was abundant. Some of the deer came right up to the edge of our pad. My wife and I walked the trails and crossed paths with a Bobcat, a Grey Fox and too many deer to count (no exaggeration). Laundry facility/fitness room was the cleanest anywhere you might go. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Only issue is the closest Walmart is about 15-20 miles in either direction. Other local groceries and small restaurants, but if you are looking for your favorite chain store/restaurant, its a bit of a drive. Night time on those roads almost always provides an opportunity to hit game in the road. Be careful driving at night!
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