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Feb 2020
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This truly is off the beaten path. It's 11 miles from the nearest town of any size (Whitesboro) for groceries and such, but you won't find a Walmart or other big stores. You'll have to travel another 20 miles or so west to Gainesville or, better, east to Sherman, both on Hwy 82. If that doesn't bother you, you're in business for a nice, quiet, expansive area on the lake with scads of picnic pavilions dotting the shoreline. It's true you can take Hwy 901 around the west side to Tibbs Rd for a smoother ride, but it won't save time and you'll go through a residential area on Tibbs Rd with rough roads. Rock Creek Rd is more direct, and after a couple of miles the road turns rougher and more narrow and meets up with Tibbs Rd. So take your pick - a mile and a half of slow going on Tibbs and a couple of extra minutes, or about three and a half miles of slow going on Rock Creek. From where Tibbs and Rock Creek meet to the Annex, the road is very rough in places with more curves. Fees for FHU have gone up to $25/day as apparently other Air Force campsites have done. All in all, it's a nice place to park your RV for a few days. The bathrooms and showers are extremely clean, as is the laundry room that has what looks like brand-new washers and dryers (two of each for $1.25). The lady behind the desk (sorry, didn't catch her name) is very friendly and helpful and is there every day from 8 to 2. Note that when you call, the phone listed above is not answered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and is manned all other days from 8 to 2. The campers are friendly as well, mostly fishermen, and one even offered us some of his grilled fish.
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