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October 12-18, 2019
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The more I think about it the more absurd our experience here becomes. We arrived yesterday afternoon, reservation email from 9 days ago in hand, only to be told that there were no sites available. Mind you the reserved sites are water and electric only while the first come first served sites are FHU. 9 of the 20 FHU spaces show no signs of life. No towing vehicles, no people. They're merely being stored. One has a freezer outside the rig! So we're in a makeshift unlevel site hoping that someone will leave the "reserved" area this morning. It's a beautiful location with a very gracious staff but, until the homesteaders get uprooted and the reservation "system" gets fixed, don't waste your time. ---- Oct. 13th, 2019 Update: Full disclosure. We ended up in a first come first serve FHU site that came open this morning. We'll probably be here for at least a week. 5 on cleanliness/hospitality is for Dustin and Destiny. Excellent customer service. They do the best they can given the constraints of the processes they find themselves dealing with.
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October 21, 2019
Just a reminder that storage and homesteading in a Fam-Camp is against Air Force regulation. This Fam-Camp is regularly audited. Although many patrons staying here work at this AETC base, the length of stay policy is still strictly enforced.
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