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Texas 54746
oct 10 2018
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This place hasn't been reviewed in a while so ill do it. Staff is friendly enough but not enough to make up for the atrocious condition of the sites. As mentioned earlier the layout is just beyond description, it makes no sense at all to have your hookups and parking pad 2 feet from your neighbors covered picnick table that is 25 feet from his front door. Imagine a campground where you used your neighbors pad and the guy on the other side of you used yours? You are trying to cook and eat right beside your neighbor who is sitting watching tv in his camper 2 feet away from you. The road to the pullthru spots are mud ditches and your lucky is you can park on grass as most of the pad is swamp. This being said keep in mind most of the residents are semi perminate and glad to have this place I'm sure. This place is the same price as corpus and it isn't even in the same league. I will stay here only out of necessity and only is I can get a spot on the road that is the main loop of this park.
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