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3-4 April 2018
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A bit disappointing to say the least! All available pull-thrus are filled by long term residents. You'd think that the "homesteaders" would be put in the back-ins since they aren't going anywhere any time soon! What a shame to those that don't want to drop a toad just to have full hookups when needed. When you've been on the road 4+ hours you'd just like to pull in and unwind. It was more work than it should have been to get to the dump station with a large rig, so, we dropped the toad and took a back in for the night to have full hook-up. We needed to dump! We were facing the lake and the view should have been beautiful except for the trash! Walking our small dog was unnerving when you have all these others with unleashed dogs because they are too lazy to walk their dogs. The girls next to us had a dog that would lunge at us every time we came to/from our rig! And the fecal smell is awful. Guess people don't think they need to pick up after their dogs! Women's bathhouse - DISGUSTING! Toothpaste and spit in the sink, one shower had 2 large clumps of hair and the other one a dirty diaper and kids skivvies on the floor. And they smelled telling me they had been there for more than a day! Wish I had taken pictures to share!! Stick to the interstates and bases not off the beaten path. We were so disappointed we did not stay longer than one night. Would have been nice to see the base, but, yuck!!!
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July 24, 2018
The current length of stay at the Goodfellow Fam-Camp is 90 days. This policy is strictly enforced. Length of stay will shift to 175 days in September. Homesteading is prohibited. Leashing your pet is a city ordinance and is enforced by staff, the grounds are maintained on a daily basis and bags are provided for pet clean-up (see pictures.) Please immediately contact the camp host or staff if the grounds need attention or an occupant is violating the pet policies. Or, feel free to call the Recreation Director personally at 325-654-5643. Concerns with the bathhouse have been addressed.
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