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Tennessee 93082
Sept. 21, 2016
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This is absolutely on of the best Fam-Camps I've stayed in and if you want/need to be in the Millington area. campground backs up to the commissary and you pass the NEX if you enter from the singleton road gate., That's where my 4 on the amenities rating comes from they "Don't have Diesel" But it available in Millington proper at multiple locations. Oh and go to the PIG&WHISTLE for your local barbecue fix, maybe not the best BBQ in the world but real good everything I had there, it was clean and staff were friendly. Just so everyone is aware they have been constantly upgrading the campground for a couple of years, new washers/dryers (frontload and free)upgraded wi/fi 4 separate routers no dropping issues anymore. Campground host (Rich) is active duty but will always come to your trailer and welcome you ,if he's not deployed or working. Taryn is the campground liaison and is usually power washing the pads, cleaning the bathhouse welcoming new guests and is extremely sweet... pretty too for you young guys. HOWEVER they are planning to start in October/November 2016 to start replacing the concrete Pads. Some of the existing ones are in great shape some are broken to pieces cracked and falling apart. So BEWARE during this period there "could be" a slot shortage. There are 34 slots and 24 are slated for replacement so normally you don't have to call but after October I'd call...just to be sure Talk to Taryn/Rich or Andy they'll have the updates. 
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